Grant Cardone 
November 9th 
in Toronto
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What an amazing ride! Thank you. 

To all of you who committed to learning and connecting, who bought tickets and cheered on our speakers, thank you. You turned Wealth Hacker Conference 2019 into an impacting moment for us and for everyone else that showed up.
Now let's take it deeper in 2020!

Wealth Hacker Conference 2020
November 7th in Toronto
Join thousands of likeminded investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals at one of the most anticipated conferences of the year!

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iWIN Wealth Hacker Conference is an event for motivated entrepreneurs and investors looking to build wealth and achieve MASSIVE success in all areas of their life. A one day masterclass on wealth hacking: taking the shortest, most efficient path to freedom so you may choose how your work, how you spend your days and not be tied to a 9-5 forever, so you have pragmatic solutions to how you will send your kids to university or support your parents in retirement age. 

Memories from 2019


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Event By Erwin Szeto & Cherry Chan
Erwin Szeto & Cherry Chan are Canadian real estate investors & the founders of iWIN. Erwin is the host of top REI podcast "The Truth About Real Estate Investing for Canadians", and Cherry is one of the top real estate accountants in the province. Both are passionate philanthropists. Erwin & Cherry Founded iWIN to give back to investors through training, community, and events just like this one.
Hamilton Basket Brigade

You helped us feed families in need!

Thank-you to everyone who bought tickets to Wealth Hacker Conference 2019. Over $10,000 was donated to our local charity, Hamilton Basket Brigade from the proceeds of tickets sales. Here’s a quick look at how you impacted Hamilton.

Let’s 10X this year’s impact!

Our Sponsors
Barbie Perry
Full Time Real Estate Investor
Carol Dias
Chris Hook
Business Operations
James Maggs
Simon Tham
Real Estate Agent
Tammy DiTomaso
Coach at iWIN
"Erwin’s iWIN club has brought me so far forward in my investing life and he is more than willing to take time to help someone even when there is no financial incentive for him."

Chistopher Kushnier
Hamilton, ON
"Erwin is very passionate about real estate and provides information to anyone who wishes it in a multitude of formats; iWIN meetings, podcasts and various other ways. He believes in real estate and is always searching for information to share with others."

Paisley Mackenzie
Ancaster, ON
Hwi Young Kim
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